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Does the metal rivet can been riveted on the plastic workpiece?

    Answer.Of course, the radial riveting machine not only can process on plastic workpiece ,also it can process on the ceramic workpiece due to the radial riveting machine is relatively stable during process without trembling.


QuestionWhat shall we pay attention to the riveting process

    AnswerWe should pays attention to the proportion of rivet diameter and it's length, when the proportion of rivet's diameter and length over 10, the rivet is assembled in the workpiece and come out part (the rivet did not be surround by the metals) process by common riveting machine easy to create flexion, It's should use the radial riveting machine(series of JM) at this time.



QuestionHow about the efficiency of riveting machine?

    AnswerThe riveting machine processes the efficiency very high, the single piece process only take time about 2-3 Sec.


QuestionCan it introduce the main functions and the main application of which fields?

    AnswerThe main function of riveting machine is to forming of the metals, suitable for every parts turns over the side and seals, permanent conjunction etc. The main applied profession have: Precision machine, the spinning device, the steel furniture, the building hardware, automobile, the motorcycle accessories etc ,especially in a lock of automobile, clutch ,the support pole of back door, pintle, the ascend and descend system of glass, carburetor brake shoe etc.


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