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QuestionHow long the lifetime of riveting machine?

    AnswerThe normal service lifetime of the riveting machine is 8-10 years.


QuestionWhats the riveting machine's wear parts?

    AnswerThe bearings of riveting machine, seals and foot-pedal and the electric appliances parts belong to the wear parts, the normal usage will appear the damage after some years. The phenomenons: The bearing damage with violent noise, rotate the result to become bad, the riveting quality descend: The hydraulic press performance after sealing completely a damage for slight leakiness, motive performance as the riveting pressure not enough. appear to leak air etc. After confirm the model and find the brand and specification, and it can purchase from market.


QuestionHow to protect and maintain the riveting machine to make it attain the long usage

    AnswerThe maintain generally should pays great attention to the following item: 1. Do not process the work piece beyond the ability. 2.Don't working with long hours under the high pressure. 3. The hydraulic oil should replaced after 2 yearS. 5. The radial riveting machine should usually lubrication toward equipment. 6. If abnormality occur that should stop and check immediately until to get rid of fault.


QuestionHow about the delivery time

    AnswerDeliver machine generally is one week(for domestic).If export that around 4 weeks (Due to different area and country have special requirement of voltage).



QuestionHow long does the guaranteeAnd how deal with after guarantee

    Answer. Please to check the service chapter



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